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A Summary of SiN

SiN is a relaxed, international, LGBTQ friendly Xbox community focused on working with one another to create a fun and positive gaming space. Our goal at SiN is to help Xbox players find a place where they can feel at home. What we ask in return is that members be a positive influence in our community and be active in our Discord server. If this sounds like you please click the Join tab.



Here at SiN we try to offer something more than a place to accumulate group XP. We foster an environment where Gamers from all over the world can share experiences and knowledge. Being a part of SiN means you have access to people who will help you complete everything from stubborn quests, raids, strongholds, and even grinding a new (or neglected) character to max. What we ask is that members be willing to help other members of the community as often as they are able to foster this environment. When you give a little, you get a lot.